Aenco ICO Review

Healthcare is a very important industry in today’s society. Aenco is looking to revolutionalize the healthcare industry by introducing the blockchain, smart contracts, and tokenization.

Paying for healthcare services can be very difficult but by using Aenco and the AEN token it helps and makes it much easier. The AEN token is the key building block for the service and is at the heart of this ecosystem.

aenco ico

The purpose of Aenco is to create an ecosystem for innovators and researchers, so everyone can work together, and help discover new healthcare research. Aenco could be the future solution to helping find a cure for cancer, or other serious diseases.

This one umbrella platform will help combine the fintech, investment banking, and healthcare industries together, allowing everyone to collaborate together and support all of these emerging industries.

Geoffrey Tiphen will be the CTO for the platform and will be producing the smart contracts for the service. Right now they are building on the Ethereum blockchain, however soon they could be transferred onto the EOS blockchain or others.

This ICO has been given amazing reviews, such as 5.0 from TrackICO, a 4.4 from FindICO, and a 4.02 rating from

The public sale for this ICO will begin in 19 days and 13 hours, the CEO looks very excited and the team boasts a ton of potential. We think this ICO could be a good investment opportunity, however, we can’t give any financial advice.

You should read their whitepaper which gives a ton of information on the ICO and helps you get a better understanding of what they are aiming to do with their all-star team. Social media influencers such as Ian Balina have recommended Aenco as one of their top ICOs of 2018. We believe this can be as big as some other big cryptocurrencies such as Credits, Dragonchain and TRX.

You can find their roadmap here and their whitepaper here.